Whisky Drink Set (CGD-1878)

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ALL-IN-ONE GIFT BOX: Our premium wooden whiskey stone gift box consists of 12 items, 2 luxurious crystal whiskey glasses (300ml) to enjoy all the flavour of whiskey, bourbon, scotch and other alcoholic drinks, 8 natural granite stones keep the drink cool without diluting, 1 clip and 1 velvet pouch. Protects cold stones. for a long period

ğŸŽ Perfect gift for all occasions: Perfect for Birthday or Retirement, Wedding, Father's Day or Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day. This whiskey gift box is an amazing gift for someone special, or just simply for bourbon whiskey lovers

ğŸŽ HIGH QUALITY NATURAL MATERIALS: Our scotch glasses are made of high quality lead free glass. Natural granite whiskey cooling stones and serves to cool perfectly for sipping your soft whiskey. Each polished stone is washable and reusable. Use metal tons to gently place the whiskey stones in rock glasses. Whiskey glass gift box so you can enjoy a relaxing and perfectly chilled drink

Safe and secure: CE, FDA, RoHS, etc. Certified product