About Us

 At Route 66 North, we stand for something powerful. We represent the idea of leaving your mark on this world. You have one life, so make yourself remembered. How much fun can life be if you live full of restrictions?

 No Rules. Ride free. Get out there, ride, and LEAVE YOUR TREAD.

 Our job is to provide you with premium lifestyle clothing that represents what we stand for. Our manufacturers have been in business for decades, so we have the eye for a quality leather product. All of our products are hand stitched, and hand printed. We take a lot of pride in what we send out to you.

 We are MORE than "just" a leather store for bikers. We are strong supporters of the biking community.  We are also advocates for motorcycle safety awareness. Check back for regular safety riding tips.

 Join our membership and qualify for discounts! Until we meet again...Kickstands Up!